Negligence in Nursing Homes

When many people think of nursing home abuse they think of overt forms of physical abuse, such as striking or hitting a resident, or restraining nursing home residents against their will. While these are unfortunately real examples of nursing home abuse, equally devastating abuse can come in the form of neglecting the needs of nursing home residents.

When nursing home staff members fail to pay proper attention to residents and provide them with the careful, attentive care they need and deserve, it can have serious and even life-threatening consequences.

Bed Sores

One of the most unfortunately common effects of neglect in a nursing home is the development of bed sores. If a resident who is unable to move him or herself is confined to a bed or a chair for too long, he or she can develop bed sores, or pressure sores. Unfortunately, these wounds can quickly become infected, resulting in illness that many elderly individuals are unable to successfully recover from. Making matters worse, the sad reality is that bed sores are not difficult to prevent when residents are given proper care and attention.

Malnutrition and Dehydration

Proper nutrition and hydration is essential for any individual. However, many nursing home residents have strict dietary requirements and when these are ignored because of negligent nursing home staff members, individuals can suffer devastating effects. When residents have medical conditions like diabetes that are sensitive to changes in diet or delays in eating, even a single missed or improperly administered meal or snack can have serious effects on a patient’s well-being.

Isolation and Emotional Damage

Social interaction is extremely important for nursing home residents, as they will likely have no other ways to interact with people outside of the facility in which they live. When nursing home staff ignores or isolates residents or fails to allow them proper interaction with other residents, the emotional damages can be just as threatening as physical ailments from which they could suffer.

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