Problems Associated With Filing Insurance Claims

The immediate physical and emotional trauma of a car accident can almost be too much to bear; however, the financial impact of a serious car accident can be just as devastating unless it is somehow mitigated. We expect that the insurance company—either our own or that of the other driver—will honor their financial commitment to us in our time of need. Sadly, some insurance companies attempt, in one way or another, to deny liability for the accident.

Common Issues with Filing Insurance Claims

In principle, most people purchase car insurance policies to protect themselves in the event of personal injury or property loss. However, when reluctant insurance companies participate in one or more of the following behaviors, it may become necessary to pursue litigation against your insurance company:

  • Insurance company acting in bad faith
  • Insurance agent misrepresenting coverage
  • Insurance representative using deceptive practices
  • Sudden changes in coverage / contract disputes

We understand just how frustrating it can be when an insurance company attempts to forgo their financial responsibility to you; we’re ready to fight for you.

Consult with a San Antonio Insurance Claims Attorney

At the Chris Mayo Law Firm, our San Antonio insurance claims attorneys will aggressively pursue the financial compensation promised under the terms of your policy from any reluctant insurance provider. To discuss the particulars of your circumstances with one of our San Antonio insurance claims attorneys, please call our San Antonio offices at (210) 999-9999 today.

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