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Suffering from an injury can be an incredibly traumatic experience. In the moment, you are forced to withstand pain, shock, and fear. We all tend to assume that the seriousness of an injury fades once the initial danger has passed. Getting medical treatment, or waiting out the pain, allows you to breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, injuries tend to come back to haunt us. They have to potential to negatively impact your life long after the initial accident.

At [firm-name], our experienced personal injury attorneys understand that getting hurt can have long-lasting, far-reaching consequences. Treating an injury often involves a host of medical expenses. You may have to pay expensive emergency room fees if your injury required immediate attention. You could also be saddled with debt relating to medication, follow-up hospital visits, physical therapy, or counseling. Additionally, an injury can require you to miss work. You might have to use vacation or sick days for your recovery, or you could simply lose work wages.

Suffering from an injury can come with many more unanticipated costs. What if you are injured so badly that you can never go back to your job? What if your injury requires significant lifestyle changes? If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation towards the various costs of your injury. You could secure enough in damages to pay for your medical bills, lost work wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

Common Cases We Handle

Thanks to years of experience in personal injury law, our skilled legal team is prepared to handle a wide variety of cases. We understand that injuries can happen in many different ways and that each accident requires a specialized approach. Our resources and our know-how allow us to take on even the toughest personal injury cases. For example, we can manage cases involving:

Whether you have been hurt in a car crash or a fire caused by a defective product, our personal injury lawyers can create a unique and effective legal approach to your case. We can investigate the causes of your injury, develop a compelling argument, and fight to get you the damages you deserve from the responsible party.

Injuries in Texas

Every year, tens of thousands of Texans suffer from injuries. Injuries the harms to our bodies caused by some sort of external force unrelated to normal functions. Puncture wounds left by a dog bite or a dislocated shoulder caused by a slip and fall accident count as injuries while bodily fatigue or a fever arising from a naturally-occurring cold, on the other hand, would not. However, it’s important to remember that injuries do not have to be physically visible. If you are emotionally or physically hurt when a doctor accidentally prescribes the wrong medication, those issues could also qualify as injuries.

The Texas Department of State Health Services collects data about the number of people injured each year, along with the types of injuries they suffer. These statistics reveal that a huge amount of people annually are wrongfully hurt and forced to cope with the stressful, painful aftermath of the injury. The top three injury-related deaths in Texas are caused by:

  • Unintentional motor vehicle crashes
  • Unintentional poisonings
  • Unintentional falls

It’s shocking but true that for Texans aged 1-44, injuries are the leading cause of death. In 2013, over 40,000 Texans suffered injuries in falls. That same year, auto accidents caused 3,610 deaths and resulted in 12,365 injuries. Tragically, many of these accidents could have been prevented. The law specifies that we have a solemn duty to not put those around us in unnecessary danger. When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel or a property owner fails to fix the rotten boards of a staircase, they bear legal responsibility if their carelessness hurts someone. With a personal injury case, they could be compelled to pay for the costs of any injuries they cause.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law exists so that victims can get financial compensation from the party that caused them harm. It’s important to remember that someone does not need to behave maliciously to be held legally responsible for your injury. When an individual or an organization behaves negligently, and this negligence causes you to be injured, that party can be held legally liable.

Basically, someone acts with “negligence” when their carelessness hurts another person. People who suffer from injuries caused by negligent behavior are legally entitled to financial compensation from the responsible party. The law dictates that we all have a solemn responsibility not to put other people at risk of injury. When we behave carelessly or recklessly, our actions can cause serious injuries.

For example, a driver who operates a vehicle while texting is neglecting traffic safety. If they cause a crash that hurts others, the courts can order them to pay damages to the people they injured. Even though they did not intentionally cause someone harm, they can still be held legally accountable for their negligent behavior. Personal injury cases rely on the concept of negligence to establish legal liability or responsibility. A skilled attorney must establish that someone had a duty towards you, neglected that duty, and that their negligence caused you to be injured. In the case of the texting driver, they had a duty to drive safely, they carelessly neglected that duty, and they caused injuries during the resulting car crash.

The texting driver examples focuses on the negligence of a single, private individual. However, companies, municipalities, and other organizations can also be held responsible for negligent behavior. Imagine you purchased a toaster with faulty wiring and that this household item sparked a fire. You sustained serious burns attempting to put out the flames. Since the toaster was manufactured with the faulty wiring that caused the fire, the factory could be held legally liable for your injury. A skilled personal injury lawyer could investigate the product and the fire to help you build a solid legal case against the manufacturer.

Personal Injury FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from clients regarding their personal injury cases:

How much is my case worth?

That depends on the extent and the costs of your injury. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, the courts can order them to pay damages to you in the form of monetary compensation. The idea is that the responsible party reimburses you for the money you have lost or will lose because of the injuries they caused. You can receive financial compensation for much more than hospital bills, though. You may be able to recover the costs of various medical expenses such as medication or physical therapy. Additionally, you could receive damages to cover pain and suffering, time lost from work, and major lifestyle changes.

Why should I seek compensation?

When you pursue a personal injury case, you are protecting your own financial well-being. The costs of an injury often wind up being higher than we first assume. Initial doctor’s visits frequently require follow-ups, and the expenses relating to medication alone can be nearly unaffordable. Any time you have to take off for recovery can impact your work pay. If you were hurt by someone else’s negligence, you should not have to shoulder the costs of your injury. They should be responsible for covering those expenses. A personal injury case, whether it proceeds to trial or gets settled out of court, means safeguarding your rights and your finances.

Why should I choose [firm-name]?

The skilled personal injury lawyers at [firm-name] have been serving South Texas for years. Whether you live in San Antonio or the surrounding area, we can provide high-quality legal representation to help you through the lawsuit process. Our lawyers make it a point to blend compassion with professionalism. We understand that our clients have gone through an extremely painful experience, and we want to make sure that pursuing your personal injury case does not cause you any undue stress or anxiety. That’s why we prioritize clear, open communication with our clients. We are proud to fight for those who have been hurt by someone else’s negligence.

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If you or someone close to you has been injured in a preventable accident, you may be legally entitled to financial compensation. State and federal laws specify that individuals and organizations have an important responsibility not to put others in danger. Negligence, carelessness, and recklessness can cause serious, long-lasting damage to unsuspecting people. The skilled personal injury attorneys at [firm-name] can help you safeguard your rights and seek monetary recompense if you were hurt by someone else’s irresponsible behavior. Call us today at [phone-number] to speak with an experienced legal professional about your rights under personal injury law.

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