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Most people purchase insurance in order to be protected in the event of a personal injury accident or auto accident. However, even when people are covered by insurance, they might have trouble collecting the coverage that they need when they are confronted with a recalcitrant insurance agent or company.

Many policyholders run into problems with their insurance companies for numerous reasons, and in some cases, policyholders might have grounds to pursue legal action against their insurance provider. The attorneys at the [firm-name] can often help San Antonio people when they experience difficulty obtaining the insurance coverage that they need.

Common Causes for Insurance Problems

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating, and there are a variety of causes for insurance disputes. The most common reasons that a person may file an insurance-related complaint include:

  • Insurance company acting in bad faith
  • Insurance representative misrepresenting coverage
  • Insurance representative using deceptive practices
  • Sudden changes in coverage / contract disputes

All of these situations can be extremely frustrating for policyholders, and may necessitate legal action. The best way to know if your claim is legitimate is to talk with an attorney about your particular circumstances.

Contact an Insurance Claims Attorney in San Antonio

If you or someone in your family is struggling with an insurance company, an attorney may be able to provide valuable guidance. The attorneys at the [firm-name] have successfully helped many San Antonio people take legal action against insurance agencies. Contact our offices today by calling [phone-number], and speak with one of our experienced lawyers about your case.

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