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Lead is no longer used to paint toys or homes in the U.S., but lead paint poisoning still poses a threat to some San Antonio residents. Lead paint can still be found in older homes, as well as in toys from other countries. In fact, children are sometimes the victims of lead paint poisoning because they ingest lead from toys or even lead dust from homes.

But as our legal team at Chris Mayo Law Firm knows, although any individual affected by lead paint poisoning in San Antonio may be facing a multitude of health problems, he or she might also be due financial compensation. Some property owners, manufacturers, or other parties can be held accountable for lead paint poisoning if it winds up adversely affecting you or someone you love.

Dangers of Lead Paint Poisoning

There are numerous potential health effects that can stem from lead paint poisoning. Some of the dangers of ingesting lead are as follows:

  • Slower development of body
  • Reduced / slowed IQ
  • Damage to the kidneys
  • Behavioral / attention problems for children
  • Difficulties hearing

An attorney in San Antonio may be able to help you take legal action that could result in the reception of immensely helpful financial compensation.

Contact a Lead Paint Poisoning Attorney in San Antonio

Lead paint poisoning is extremely serious, and it is advisable to thoroughly understand your legal options in the event that you or a loved one is ever affected by such. If you are in the San Antonio area, you may benefit from consulting with an attorney from Chris Mayo Law Firm. Contact our offices today by calling (210) 999-9999 and learn more about how we might can assist you with finding swift justice.

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