San Antonio Porch Collapse Lawyers

Visitors to someone else’s residential or commercial property in San Antonio expect that they will remain safe while on the premises. It is possible, however, that a property owner has failed to adequately maintain the safety of a premise, by lack of maintenance or negligent construction. When porch collapse happens as a result, innocent San Antonio residents may incur serious injuries. As this is an entirely preventable accident, our San Antonio porch collapse attorneys understand how frustrated you may feel, especially considering the financial burden that can result from medical treatment and other associated costs.

Fortunately, the San Antonio attorneys at the [firm-name] are experienced in premises liability law and may be able to work on your behalf for financial compensation from those responsible. You should not be held responsible for costs associated with an accident caused through no fault of your own.

Causes of Porch Collapse

Porch collapse can be a traumatizing event and is often caused by the irresponsibility of the property owner. Some behaviors that constitute negligence on the property owner’s behalf include:

  • Not inspecting equipment
  • Not building porch to safety code
  • Allowing overcrowding on a porch
  • Not repairing / replacing worn parts or structure

Any of these circumstances could implicate a San Antonio property owner in a porch collapse incident, and as a victim, you have the right to pursue compensation from those responsible for your injuries.

Contact a Porch Collapse Attorney in San Antonio

If you or someone you know has been injured in a porch collapse incident, then you or that person may be entitled to pursue financial compensation from the property owner. Speak with the San Antonio porch collapse attorneys at the [firm-name] today by calling our San Antonio offices at [phone-number]. In doing so, learn much more about your case, as well as how to strategize for building a legal claim towards compensation.

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