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Truck and commercial vehicle accidents tend to be much worse than accidents involving any other type of vehicle. Moreover, since these drivers are employed by large corporations, the list of potentially liable parties is also complex, requiring the trained eye of a truck accident attorney. If you were injured in a truck accident, the reason will need to be carefully deciphered by the team at the [firm-name] before compensation can be pursued. Injuries caused by accidents with the 40-ton vehicles are often extremely serious, and everything from medical bills to time lost from work can result in financial instability if you don’t act quickly enough.

Since our firm was founded, the [firm-name] has been in the business of helping people. When we represent our clients, we are representing our San Antonio community. As a growing city, commercial traffic is increasing daily. With increased traffic comes increased risk. Don’t let the at-fault party leave you to deal with mounting medical bills, lost wages, or even a lost loved one. As members of the American Association of Justice, we have earned an excellent reputation of fighting for what’s right. We are also an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We understand the pain this type of accident brings and we know the steps to take to get the law on your side.

As San Antonio natives ourselves, we want to do right by the community that raised us. We consider each and every one of our clients like family. We will aggressively represent them to make sure that their rights are respected, and they get the compensation they deserve. Call our San Antonio truck accident lawyers today at [phone-number] to get started on the path of justice for your pain and suffering. We offer free and confidential consultations for all of our prospective clients.

After a Truck Accident, Do I Need a Lawyer?

There is undoubtedly a multitude of questions swimming around your head after a tragic truck accident. There are medical bills that need to be accounted for, work that you will have to miss while you recover, and damage that may be irreplaceable. The first step to responding to all of the uncertainty after an accident is hiring a lawyer.

Being injured in a truck accident may entitle you to financial compensation. This can cover some or all of the costs that arise in the aftermath of the collision. Things like medical bills, lost wages, any physical therapy, or other costs that have accumulated because of the fault of someone else. Most companies want to cut corners when it comes to settling on proper financial compensation. Without a lawyer at your side, you may miss out on vital funds to offset your growing bills. You should never have to suffer for the negligent actions of a truck driver or company. The only way to make sure you get the most financial compensation possible is by hiring an experienced attorney to represent you.

With the law getting more complicated daily, it seems like another document is being drafted each day that stands between injured victims and compensation. When you hire a truck accident attorney from [firm-name], we will handle all of the paperwork that comes your way, as well as the insurance company and all other muddy negotiations. We want to make sure that logistical work doesn’t get in the way of your recovery.

Why Should I Choose [firm-name] to Represent My Case?

With so many lawyers in San Antonio, it can be difficult to find which one will get you the best results. Picking the right lawyer can be the deciding factor when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve.

While other lawyers may be worried about finishing cases as fast as they can, we make sure to make sure you get the best possible deal. We don’t leave any money on the table when it comes to your compensation. With medical bills on the line, we can’t afford to. As members of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association, we know justice and the law. Good citizens just want to go back to a normal life after an accident, so we focus on getting the pain and memory behind you so you can focus on recovering. Your compensation and recovery become our main priority when we represent you. Call us today at [phone-number], and we can get started working for you today.

The Most Frequent Causes of Truck Accidents

There are many ways that someone can be involved in a truck accident. Whenever a truck driver shirks responsibility, people get hurt. The consequences can change the rest of the victim’s life. The most common cases of negligence that go into a truck driving accident include:

  • Truck Driver Error: This could be as simple as the driver not looking before changing lanes. They could have been asleep behind the wheel or changing the radio.
  • Drunk Driving: Nobody should ever be drunk at work. This is extremely true whenever someone’s job is a commercial truck driving.
  • No-zone Accidents: No-zones on commercial trucks and 18-wheelers can be thought of as exaggerated blind spots. When a truck driver doesn’t pay attention to their full surroundings, people get hurt.
  • Truck Defects / Malfunctions: When a commercial vehicle is not regularly maintained, serious things can go wrong, and accidents are more likely to occur.
  • Hours of Service Violations: By law, truck drivers are only allowed to work less than 8 hours per day. When they go over this limit, their fatigue and drowsiness can cause serious accidents.

When truck drivers, truck manufacturers, and trucking companies act negligently on the road and don’t follow set guidelines, innocent people pay the price. Don’t let your pain and suffering go unanswered to no fault of your own. A truck accident attorney could represent you if you were injured in any capacity in a commercial trucking accident.

How Long Will it Take to Get the Compensation I Need?

Suffering from a serious truck accident is a difficult experience to overcome. In the aftermath, one can be confused on how to get justice, or even recover. One thing is for sure; you want the entire ordeal to be over as soon as possible so you can get back a peace of mind and recover.

There is no set formula for how long the process of pursuing compensation from a truck accident takes. Every accident is unique, and every cause is different. Each case has to be approached from the beginning as an entirely new set of challenges. Anything from the weather to the trucking companies’ cooperation can lengthen any formal legal process. The best way to estimate how long it will take to put this accident behind you is to bring your case before an experienced attorney. Having been in business for years, we have seen a lot of different cases and know the right steps to take to ensure that your chance of success is greatly increased. We will be open and honest with you. We tell you the tough facts. If a case could take a year, we won’t sugarcoat it. We want you to be informed every step of the way and we don’t make any promises that we cannot keep. There is no fee for the first confidential consultation, and we’re willing to start working on your case the same day you bring it in.

Commercial Trucking Accidents Across San Antonio

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 1,992 accidents in Bexar County involved commercial vehicles in the year 2016. This is a staggering number. On average that is almost seven accidents a day involving trucks. A local Houston news station, KHOU, interviewed a commercial vehicle inspector in San Antonio. He said that out of the 2,500 trucks that pass through the weighing station every day, only about 30 would get properly inspected at random. All trucks go through an automated inspection where they are scanned for flat tires or faulty axles, but the inspector said that the only way to fully inspect a vehicle is to walk through each piece of machinery. Overall, the inspector has to pull about three trucks a day. Commercial vehicles should always be fully inspected and just maintaining them at random is not enough to fully ensure that these trucks are safe on the road.

Of all the 1,992 accidents in Bexar County, 16 of those were fatal, and 34 left someone severely injured. Even at 2%, any trucking accidents that leave victims in severe pain or dead is unacceptable. At [firm-name], we are here to make sure that victims involved in these horrific accidents receive the compensation they deserve when they aren’t at fault. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s lax view on vehicle maintenance.

Contact a San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney Today

Having to suffer because of the negligence of someone else is unacceptable. If you or someone you know has been involved in a commercial vehicle or truck accident, they may be entitled to financial compensation. Don’t let medical bills and lost wages pile up. Speaking with a Truck Accident Attorney has been proven to drastically increase your chances in getting the financial support you deserve. At [firm-name] we will fight for you and your rights. Call us at [phone-number], and an attorney will discuss your legal options with you. We also offer a free, confidential consultation for all prospective clients.

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