Defective Child Car Seats

Car seats are designed to keep our child safe and secure while in the car and, a majority of the time, these seats do just that. However, sometimes defective child car seats are put on the store shelf, putting our children in danger. When an infant uses these car seats, severe injuries can occur and sometimes, in the worst cases, death. With such serious implications, it is important to hold the negligent manufacturers and designers responsible for these defects that led to you and your child’s suffering.

Types of Child Car Seat Defects

Since cars do not normally come with safety features equipped to protect infants, we rely on car seats to keep our children safe during drives. Unfortunately, a defective car seat can jeopardize this safety. Some of the most common child car seat defects include:

  • Weak, damaged, or ineffective seat buckles
  • Damaged straps and harnesses
  • Insufficient padding
  • Misshaped frame
  • Cracking of plastic parts
  • Inadequate head protection

Any of these defects can cause a life-threatening injury to a child. Even with minor injuries, families can still be left with extensive medical bills that they may feel forced to pay. However, often the manufacturers and designers of these car seats can be held liable with the proper guidance, making the assistance of an experienced lawyer essential after these injuries occur.

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