How an Attorney May Assist Pedestrians Who Have Been Involved in Car Accidents

Many of San Antonio’s residents and tourists alike choose to avoid the hassles of traffic and parking by getting around on foot. With ample infrastructure for pedestrian traffic like clearly marked crosswalks, timed crosswalk counters, and handicap accessible sidewalks, walking can be quite safe.

On some unfortunate occasions, though, negligent drivers strike and seriously injure pedestrians. When these accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence and lack of due care, the victim is often eligible for financial restitution. An experienced personal injury lawyer is often imperative in the process of holding a negligent party financially accountable for their actions.

Reckless Behaviors That Put Pedestrians at Risk

There are several kind of reckless behaviors that drivers exhibit that put pedestrians at a heightened risk of injury including:

  • Speeding through turns
  • Failure to come to a complete stop at red lights / stop signs
  • Failure to observe traffic laws posted at marked crosswalks

As avoidable as pedestrian car accidents are, it is tragic they should happen at all. When they do, victims may be eligible to recover compensation from the responsible party through the civil court system.

Contact a San Antonio Pedestrian Car Accident Attorney Today

At Chris Mayo Law Firm, our San Antonio legal team understands how potentially tragic pedestrian car accidents can be for victims and their families. If you are a recent victim involved in a pedestrian car accident, one of our highly experienced attorneys may be able to help you seek financial compensation. To speak with one of our lawyers today, please call (210) 999-9999.

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