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Number Of SSD Beneficiaries Continue To Climb

As of November, the number of United States citizens receiving Social Security disability (SSD) benefits climbed to a record 10,982,920.  The total amount of U.S. citizens that receive disability is comprised of 8,941,660 disabled workers, 1,883,594 disabled workers’ children, and 157,666 disabled workers’ spouses.

November was the 202nd straight month that the number of federal disability benefit recipients increased in the United States. The last time SSD beneficiaries decreased was in January 1997, when recipients dropped to 4,385,374 from 4,385,623.

The Social Security disability program is an essential resource for workers who suddenly find themselves unable to provide for themselves and their families. Legal representation can help disabled workers collect the benefits necessary to offset unearned wages. If you need assistance obtaining SSD benefits in San Antonio, contact the Chris Mayo Law Firm. Call (210) 899-5440 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys today.