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Allsup Analysis Predicts Longer Waits For Social Security Disability Hearings In 2014

Bellville, Illinois-based company Allsup has reported that people who file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in 2014 will likely have to wait for more than 400 days in order to get a hearing that will determine whether they will are qualified for the disability benefits. Allsup is projecting that during the fiscal year 2014, claimants have to wait around 415 days to get their disability checks, with that number increasing to 435 days by the time 2015 rolls around.

According to Allsup’s analysis of previous data when it comes to the waiting time for filed disability claims, claimants wait for an average of 350 to over 400 days of waiting time to get their case processed.

The prediction was made based on the Social Security Administration’s budget report.

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