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Social Security For Immigrants Included In Obama’s Reform Plan

A lot of the illegal immigrants in the United States who apply for work permits will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits under President Barack Obama’s new comprehensive immigration reform plan when they reach their retirement age, the Associated Press reported on November 26.

Under Obama’s measure, illegal immigrants who were shielded from deportation can apply for a job and be eligible for their own Social Security number. They will also be able to earn retirement and health benefits after working for 10 years.

However, the illegal immigrants who were not deported and who applied for work permits would not be able to get other federal assistance, such as welfare or food stamps or any other income-based aid.

They would also not be able to buy health insurance in the federal exchanges instituted by the new health care law, and they won’t be allowed to obtain tax credits that can help lower the cost of their health insurance.

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