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Former College Football Player Suing NCAA For Brain Injuries

Ex-football player for the University of Texas Julius Whittier filed a $75 million personal injury class lawsuit during the last week of October in Austin against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), CBS Sports reported on October 29.

According to Dwight Jefferson, Whittier’s Houston-based legal counsel, his client, 64, is now suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. Their party is seeking changes to the current NCAA proposed settlement of $75 million budgeted for diagnostic medical expenses for current and former athletes.

The settlement, which is awaiting approval, stipulates that NCAA would set aside a $70 million fund to test former athletes in all forms of sports for brain injury and put the remaining $5 million in a fund to be used for researching these ailments. The problem with this is that it would leave out all former athletes who have already been diagnosed with brain diseases and would not put any money towards treatment.

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