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Man Pursues Driver, Businesses After Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

Central Texas resident Ketanbhai Kanjibhai Patel filed a lawsuit on September 8 against a drunk driver and three East Texas businesses for their role in the death of his wife and two children in a car accident on July 10, KLTV reported.

The court complaint names as defendants Shelby Taylor, Eaton Oil Tools, Audrey D. Amos and The Brewery Social Club, and the Rainbow Members Club.

Taylor had been driving a Ford F-350 truck owned by Eaton Oil Tools on Highway 259 in Rusk County near Kilgore on the day of the fatal crash after a drinking spree at The Brewery and the Rainbow Members Club. Driving down the wrong side of the highway, Taylor struck Patel’s van, resulting in Patel’s serious injury and the deaths of his wife Heena and their two children, six-year-old Ryera and 12-year-old Trish.

The Patels were on their way to Tennessee to visit the oldest daughter.

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