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Google & FRA Get Together To Prevent Car/Train Collisions Using GPS

The Federal Railroad Administration and Google are teaming up to prevent railroad and car collisions caused by distracted driving. The FTC will be releasing their GPS information for over 250,000 railroad crossings at road level across the country to Google as well as other technology and mapping companies.

Other companies rumored to be involved in this project include Garmin, Apple, and TomTom.

According to the FRA, train-car collisions have increased from 1,934 in 2009 to 2,280 in 2014 – a significant rise in five years, presumably in part due to distracted driving from technology.

Texting and driving caused 3,154 fatalities in 2013. Ironically, there have also been multiple reports of car-train collisions caused by people so immersed in their GPS directions on their phones that they fail to notice important signals indicating an oncoming train. It is also possible that GPS systems are not correctly announcing the distance to a turn and drivers are mistakenly turning onto train tracks. This project aims to prevent these potentially fatal problems through accurate GPS information provided by the FTC.

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