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More Bad News For The Social Security Disability Fund

According to a recently published study by the Government Accountability Office, the Social Security Administration had accrued around $15.4 billion in debt between the years of 2005 and 2014, and, what’s worse, the agency was only able to collect half of that amount back.

In addition, the government waived $1.4 billion of overpayments because disability fund recipients were not at fault for the error in overpayments.

The agency was able to uncover procedural discrepancies within the disability insurance departments that made it possible for overpayments to happen; Some of these faulty processes included “unclear guidance” given to staff members and problems with how staff members screen potential beneficiaries’ disability claims.

GAO researchers recommended that the SSA undergo a comprehensive review of the approved disability claims, noting that “Avoiding overpayments is imperative as they pose a burden for beneficiaries who must repay excess benefits and result in lost taxpayer dollars if they are not repaid or are waived”.

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