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Iraq Refugee Sentenced To 17 Months For Disability Benefits Fraud

Thirty-nine-year-old Iraqi national Ahmed Khudhur Tayyeh, who resettled in San Antonio, Texas, was sentenced by United States District Judge Xavier Rodriguez on February 25 to a year in prison–which he has already served through 17 months in custody, the San Antonio Express-News.

Tayyeh pled guilty in October 2014 to one count of theft from the government and one charge of making a false statement; his Social Security fraud charge was dismissed.

Tayyeh came to America in 2007 as one of the 200,000 Iraqi refugees approved by the United States government for resettlement and was given a green card due to his leg injury, although he gave conflicting versions of this story. At one point, he said he received injuries from an improvised bomb; other times he said he was abducted by Iraqi police and was shot in the leg.

Despite receiving disability for allegedly being unable to work due to his leg, Tayyeh worked at a gas station without reporting it (he was paid in cash), and his family sent him $15,000 from Iraq.

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