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San Antonio And Police Officer Sued After Vehicle Crash

A lawsuit against the city, as well as the driver in a vehicular accident, was filed on behalf of eighteen-year-old Tomekia Baldwin and 20-year-old Ajuana Baldwin on April 28, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The driver involved was police officer Peter Mark Knutson, 44.

Ten days prior to the lawsuit, the Baldwin sisters were both passengers in a Chrysler Sebring driven by Jahson Arneaud when the vehicle was struck by a Lincoln Navigator owned by the city that carried San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor, as well as Knutson and another officer. The crash occurred at the intersection of East Houston and North Hackberry streets, and there are conflicting stories by witnesses about what exactly happened–accounts did not clearly state who had the right of way.

According to the lawsuit, Tomekia suffered permanent brain damage and a loss of bodily function.

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