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Widow Files Lawsuit Against Husband’s Company After Electrocution

Amanda Siler filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the Texarkana Division of the Eastern District of Texas on May 14 against Delaware-based Vyve Broadband LLC, claiming that the company is guilty of negligence and breach of duty that led to the death of her husband and their employee, Paul Siler, in October 2014, the Southeast Texas Record reported.

According to the lawsuit, Paul Siler was electrocuted and died while performing his employment duties in the incident that happened at the side of Interstate 30 in Bowie County on Oct. 14, 2014, when a high-voltage wire crossed his path.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that Vyve failed to fulfill its obligations to provide a safe working environment to all its employees, thus exposing Siler to an environment where he could be injured, citing uninsulated equipment, and failed procedure and policy implementation.

The lawsuit added that the company failed to abide by safety rules and regulations, furnish proper machinery and tools, and choose competent and qualified employees.

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