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Former Soldier Arrested For Illegally Obtaining Over $750,000

Darryl Wright, a former Idaho National Guardsman who was falsely awarded the Purple Heart by faking injuries from the Iraq War, illegally obtained from the state of Washington and the federal government around $752,000 in benefits. This number is about three times more than what federal investigators said he had illegally obtained when they first charged Wright with fraud in 2016.

In his application for disability and other benefits, Wright claimed that he had been so severely disabled that he only had 10 seconds with which to focus before he would lose his concentration again, thus necessitating the need for a personal caregiver. He is actually a chairman of a planning commission in Snoqualmie in King County, which is located east of Seattle where he lives, he coaches high school basketball, and he has a federal government job.

Wright’s bluff was called when a first lieutenant with the Idaho National Guard, then-Captain Mark Moeckli, gave an interview to The Associated Press earlier this year, saying, “As far as anyone on our team getting hurt, no, that didn’t happen.”

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