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Presidential Candidates Should Have Plans Regarding SS and Medicare

There is a myriad of differences between the stands of Republican Party presidential nominee, businessman, and television personality Donald Trump and the Democratic Party presidential nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on Social Security and Medicare reform.

Although their positions on the issue are yet to be finalized, they have released a rough draft of their opinions regarding the subject. Trump is geared towards a comprehensive tax reform plan that simplifies personal income tax, lowers the rate of corporate taxes, and does away with the alternative minimum tax and inheritance tax, a plan which might not bode well for Democrats. Trump also wants to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or the Obamacare, to decrease federal deficit and remove abuse in Medicare and Medicaid.

Clinton, on the other hand, wants to expand Social Security and Medicare to lower disparities in access to those who need the services the most; she also wants higher wage earners to pay more into the system but has yet to outline a specific plan on how she seeks to do this.

Trustees of the Social Security funds said they may be depleted by 2035 if concrete reforms are not put in place. This year, 169 million workers will be paying Social Security taxes.

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