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Trump Supporter Fears Losing Healthcare Access After Casting Ballot

Fifty-eight-year-old Jacksonville, Florida resident Bruce Bradford worked as a police officer for almost twenty years before being fired due to health problems. He wasn’t eligible for Medicaid, because Florida has some of the strictest eligibility criteria in the country, and the state decided against expanding the program under the federal health care overhaul. As a result, he often ended up in emergent care and would either rely on charity to obtain the medicine he needed or would completely go without.

In January 2016, he applied for Social Security disability benefits and is now receiving regular income that enables him to buy government-subsidized health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. More famously known as “Obamacare”, the Affordable Care Act has finally allowed Bradford- a life-long Republican, access to adequate health care.

Bradford understands that without these Democratic-backed health care reforms he would not survive, and so he is struggling to reconcile his feelings towards the Party because he is a true-blue supporter of the Republicans. He plans to vote for Trump in the election but acknowledges that it could mean the end of his access to healthcare.

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