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Woman Seeks Personal Injury Damages For Sexual Assault At Work

The Texas Supreme Court ruled on Friday, February 19, that it will hear an appeal from a former Houston-based Steak n’ Shake Operations, Inc. employee who said that her sexual assault claim was tagged as a sexual assault claim, which is required to be pursued under Texas’ anti-discrimination laws.

The plaintiff, who was identified only as B.C., filed a lawsuit against Steak n’ Shake for sexual assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence, among other charges, claiming that the burger chain was directly responsible for her supervisor’s behavior since he was “acting at such time as the vice principal” of the food establishment, and that the chain was directly responsible for her injury due to failing to provide a safe work environment, which should be free from sexual assault for its employees.

The plaintiff’s petition reads, “Here petitioner is seeking personal injury damages for an intentional assault by her supervisor not for harms caused by ‘negative employment actions’ or an ‘abusive work environment’.”