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Former New York Cop Found Guilty in Social Security Benefits Scheme

Fifty-six-year-old former New York City police officer Kevin Hurley was found guilty of grand larceny by the state Supreme Court after faking a mental disability in order to receive more than $200,000 in Social Security disability benefits.

Hurley said he lost the ability to drive, handle money, or make purchases at the store due to depression and panic attacks. However, prosecutors were able to discover that Hurley paid his bills on time, drove his car 25,000 miles a year, and logged hundreds of purchases at stores and restaurants. Hurley’s legal counsel, Joseph Murray, argued that Hurley forced himself out of the house, knowing he had no one else to do those errands for him. Over 100 police officers and firemen have admitted to taking part in the broader scheme. Among them are four ringleaders who masterminded the plan and taught several other local authorities how to fake post-traumatic stress symptoms.

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