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Mother Of Girl Injured By Rope Burn Sues Private School

After her 12-year-old daughter from Waco, Texas received a serious rope burn on an overnight camp out sponsored by her private school, Live Oak Classical School, Sandy Rougely decided to sue the school. Rougely is questioning whether the injury faced by her daughter was an act of racist bullying by her sixth-grade classmates

Rougely filed a personal injury lawsuit against the school for the rope burn injury to the front half of her neck, she told The Dallas Morning News. Rougely claimed, “It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together.” School trustee Jeremy Counseller said Rougely and her legal counsel, Dallas lawyer Levi McCathern, asked the school to pay her $2.7 million in damages or the complaints against the school will be made public.

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