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Representative Craddick Proposes A Distracted Driving Measure

A bill seeking to criminalize distracted driving was filed in the Texas House of Representatives on Monday, November 14 by state Representative Tom Craddick, Sr. This is the fourth time a bill of this nature was filed in the House.

In an opinion column published by the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Craddick wrote, “I am proud to propose this bill again during this upcoming 85th Texas legislative session. The bill will create a traffic violation for smartphone use while driving. With few exceptions, the law would not allow a driver to read, write, or send electronic messages while driving.”

Jeff Weinstein, a personal injury lawyer from Athens in Henderson County, who has spoken in opposition of distracted driving at dozens of Texas high schools, expressed support for the measure. He noted, “Probably 30%-40% of the cases I see now involve some form of either using the phone, texting, eating, bending down to pick something up in the car. They already know it’s dangerous to use your phone and drive but they still do it.”

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