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The Difficulty Of Acquiring Social Security Disability Benefits

Presenting a Social Security disability claim before an administrative law judge is only a one-time process, much unlike presenting a workers’ compensation claim, or other claims for other types of federal assistance claim for other types of injuries, wherein the claimant is afforded the luxury of being able to present their case over and over again.

Every Social Security disability benefits claimant should understand that filing a claim and actually receiving the benefits is a lengthy process—for instance, it could probably take 18 months before a filed claim will be heard.

Knowing this, employing a competent Social Security disability attorney is essential to ensure that a claimant is not wasting their time; for instance, an attorney can sort out the claimant’s filed documents and assess if all the paperwork is in order or if extra paperwork is needed to get the judge to agree to give the much-needed benefits to the claimant.

If you had suddenly become disabled and unable to earn money for your daily expenses, you can ask assistance from the federal government by filing for Social Security disability benefits with the help of our attorneys at Chris Mayo Law Firm by calling our offices today at (210) 899-5440.