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Retired, Elderly, Disabled: Prime Suspects for Credit Card Debt

An elderly person who hasn’t worked in years and relies on Social Security retirement checks to pay for daily expenses are likely to resort to making credit card charges to get by. Living costs are steadily rising due to inflation, and a disabled person who cannot work and has to wait for a decision on a disability benefits claim needs a way to make ends meet.

Debt experts recommend that to avoid hurtling toward financial and debt trouble, debtors should call the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800-388-2227. Upon calling this number, debtors can expect to receive free or cheap counseling, and make arrangements to enter a debt repayment program in which creditors may agree to do away with late fees, give lower charges, and accept lower payments. Unfortunately, many elderly and disabled people are unable to work to climb out of debt. What do they do then?

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