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Texas DoT Lists Some Of The Most Dangerous Intersections In Texas

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation showed that 13th on the list of the most dangerous intersections in all of Texas was Gulf Freeway and NASA Road FM 528. The intersection was the place of 341 accidents between 2012 and 2015, which resulted in 83 injuries and one fatality.

Other sites included intersections located in Pasadena, including the Genoa Red Bluff-Red Bluff crossing (78 crashes, 86 injuries, two fatalities, ranked 30); Beltway 8 and Genoa Red Bluff (58 crashes, 49 injuries, one fatality, ranked 62); and Beltway 8 and Fairmont (66 crashes and 20 injuries, ranked 243).

Dangerous intersections in Houston are Beamer at Beltway 8 (77 crashes and 66 injuries, ranked 66) and the Beamer-Scarsdale intersection (134 crashes and 40 injuries, ranked 78).

Houston attorney Brian White conducted an analysis into the data. He said the data is very important in ascertaining where vehicular crashes are most likely to happen in the state, how many vehicles are likely to encounter accidents, and how often these accidents occur.

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