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Hundreds Are In Danger Of Losing Disability Checks Due To Fraud

Donna Dye is one of the hundreds of Americans whose disability payments will get postponed because of an ongoing case against attorney Eric C. Conn, who is charged with 18 crimes including the destruction of records, money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, making false statements, and conspiracy. Dye, who was at wits’ end, said, “It’s like sitting in a tub of water, floating, nothing’s wrong. And then somebody pulls the cork, you get sucked out and everything’s gone.”

In 2013, former United States Senator Tom Coburn (Republican of Oklahoma), initiated an investigation into abuses made into the disability program.

The Social Security Administration then contacted Conn’s clients—around 900 of them—and told them their benefits were suspended. Within three weeks, three people whose disability checks were canceled took their lives. Representative Hal Rogers (Republican of Kentucky) was understandably disturbed because his district was the hardest-hit in this incident.

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