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Why We’re So Passionate About Representing the Injured

Countless individuals suffer significant, life-altering injuries every single day in the United States. Following the incident, these people are left with questions, concerns, and other issues. They are unsure of what comes next, how they’re going to move forward, and what rights they have.

Far too often, the injured are left to try and pick up the pieces on their own. It’s this daunting idea that has led our firm and our founding attorney to be so passionate about guiding injured people through the complex and difficult times that lie ahead.

For over 22 years, Attorney Chris Mayo and our team have dedicated our practice to helping those harmed pursue the compensation and justice they deserve.

Fighting to the End—No Matter What

When someone else’s negligence causes you harm, you have every right to pursue the fairest and maximum compensation possible. Any kind of injury can impact your health, your employment opportunities, your enjoyment of life, and even your financial status. Why should you have to feel lost because of someone else’s actions?

Our team stands with you throughout every step, advocating on your behalf to hold the negligent party accountable. Our primary goal is to help you reach the end of your case with confidence, obtaining justice, and helping you recover the compensation necessary to cover your associated losses.

Protecting Your Rights from Large Corporations

We have watched far too long as insurance companies try to do everything in their power to pay out as little as possible when it comes to compensation in a negligence-related incident. Companies we’re expected to trust are focused solely on profits and they hardly ever rely on truly accurate accounts of the accident when making a decision.

Instead, they try to deploy devious tactics in an effort to minimize their own liability. They rely on injured individuals being one of the most vulnerable positions they’ve ever experienced: hurt, needing money, and willing to do whatever to get through the situation.

For this reason, we truly go the extra mile to counter any arguments the insurance company will try to make. We focus on the facts of your case, working to prove liability and hold the negligent party fully accountable for their actions.

Our Passion for Justice

We know that without litigation, negligent individuals are allowed to get away with their actions. There are no repercussions; no consequences. Instead, they continue on their path thinking that what they have done is okay and that there’s nothing wrong with causing harm.

By going through the litigation process, we not only pursue compensation to help cover your losses; we also work to obtain justice. We want to incite change. We want to show that negligent actions have consequences and anyone who acts in this manner will be held responsible for the damages they cause.

It is this passion that drives us to protect the injured—to protect our community. Attorney Chris Mayo was born and raised in San Antonio. He knows the people and he knows you deserve fair representation when facing difficult matters.

Getting Your Life Back On Track

A San Antonio personal injury lawyer through and through, Attorney Chris Mayo brings a homegrown, compassionate, and willing representation to every case. We’ll always be honest with you about what to expect and work with you at all times to provide the care you deserve.

Trust that the Chris Mayo Law Firm is always willing to fight to the bitter end with the most favorable outcome in mind.

Call our firm today at (210) 899-5440 or contact us online for a free consultation of your potential case. We’re available 24/7 because you deserve to have answers when you need them most.