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woman on phone with insurance after a crash and a broken windshield

Car Accidents: What You Should Avoid After a Crash

Many people think they know the steps to take after an accident. They’re not always aware of the things that can cause their situation more harm than good. Unfortunately, people may do things that negatively impact their case, making it difficult to pursue compensation.

Recognizing the things you should avoid can help you build a strong case and limit the insurance company’s ability to take advantage of your rights. Here are three things you should avoid following a severe collision.

Saying You’re Sorry

You may feel apologetic after a crash. You never want to feel like you caused someone else harm. However, the moment you apologize, you’re putting your claim at risk of denial.

Even when the other party is at fault, if you say sorry, the insurance company can use this as an admission of guilt. Why would you apologize for something that wasn’t your fault? The insurance company will use your kindness against you to minimize compensation.

Not Reporting the Accident

Many people wait too long before reporting the accident because they feel there’s time. The negligent driver may offer to handle the settlement without getting insurance companies involved. Or you may not immediately feel the effects of an injury.

When you wait, you weaken your injury claim. You’re giving the other party and his or her insurance company time to investigate the accident and find something they can use against you.

Posting Active Photos on Social Media

If you’re hurt in an accident, you don’t want to post photos of you doing physical activities on social media. Many insurance companies and legal teams will try to access your social media pages to see what you’re posting. If your photos or statuses conflict with your injury claim, they will try to use that evidence to deny you compensation.

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