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Car Accidents: 5 Steps You Must Take Following a Crash

Whenever you suffer injuries and property damage in a severe car crash, you must understand what steps you need to take to protect your rights. Far too often, there are situations in which injured parties do not recognize what to do to file a claim.

Unfortunately, missing these steps can lead to problems when filing a claim or potential lawsuit. Even those who never experience a car accident should know what steps to take.

1. Information to Exchange with the Other Party

You must speak with the other driver and gather their information, including:

  • His or her driver’s license information
  • His or her contact information
  • His or her license plate
  • His or her insurance information

All the information above goes into helping you file the initial claim with your insurance company. The most imperative information is the insurance company’s contact details. Your insurance company can contact the provider of the negligent driver to pursue the necessary compensation.

2. You Should Quickly Report the Accident

Report the accident as quickly as possible to the local authorities and your insurance company.

Once you get the authorities involved, you’ll have law enforcement officers and medical personnel on the scene to gather information. The report from the law enforcement officers can include statements from both parties, witnesses, and more.

Also, quickly reporting the accident to your insurance company will help you get your side of the story on record. You can start the process as soon as possible and have your insurance company look into the policy of the negligent party to see what is available to you.

3. Photos that You Must Take

Taking pictures at the scene of the accident can help you build evidence. You want to take pictures of the area around the accident to help show if there was negligence. For instance, having photos of missing traffic signals, blocked stop signs, or tire marks can show that you were not at fault for the accident.

You also want to take pictures of the damage to all vehicles. Photos of the scene of the accident can give your insurance company an idea of the angles at which the crash took place. They will also show the significance of the damage to the vehicles. An accident reconstructionist can use these photos to show how the crash occurred.

Take photos of all physical injuries you may have sustained. These photos, along with all medical reports, can strengthen your claim for compensation.

4. Start Your Medical Treatment

Whether you see medical personnel at the scene of the accident or go to the emergency room, you should start treatment quickly. Getting medical attention helps to begin your recovery soon after the crash.

When you get treatment, you also help to build your medical records. Medical records are proof that you suffered an injury, and the doctor can even associate the injury with the crash you experienced.

5. Speak with a Legal Professional

Before taking any steps to file a claim, make sure you speak with an attorney who can help you understand what rights and options you may have. A legal professional can help you file your claim, and if the negligent party’s insurance company denies your claim, file a lawsuit on your behalf.

With our San Antonio car accident lawyers on your side, you can feel confident moving forward with legal action. At Chris Mayo Law Firm, we prioritize the rights of our clients with a focus on helping obtain the maximum compensation available and pursuing justice.

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