Congress considers Windfall Elimination Provision revision

 In Social Security benefits

The United States Congress is planning to reform the Windfall Elimination Provision, which affects benefits paid by the Social Security Administration under Title II of the Social Security Act.

In a testimony presented before the House of the Representatives, Jason Fichtner, senior research fellow at Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, stated the WEP decreases a person’s Social Security benefit if he is also being given a government pension from non-covered employment on which Social Security payroll taxes are not paid.

While the goal of the WEP is to make sure that Social Security beneficiaries are being given fair treatment in the sense that benefits are only being given for years that people have paid into the Social Security system, what comes of it is that the replacement rate for some people with high lifetime combined earnings is higher than those with low lifetime earnings. What this means is that the WEP mistakes high-income earners for low-income earners.

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