Do I have to go to court if I file a claim?

Not every case requires a lawsuit, not every case requires us having to go to court. Some do, and sometimes the client may hire us and immediately we have to file a lawsuit. We start preparing that case for trial. But more often times than not, the client hires our firm, we file a claim with the insurance company, the client receives medical treatment, we assist the client in their property damage if need be, and then after all that’s done we submit what’s called a demand package to the insurance company and we attempt to negotiate a settlement for our client. The vast majority of cases out there are able to be settled with the insurance company, with the assistance of a lawyer on your side. But occasionally, the insurance company doesn’t want to do the right thing and they don’t want to pay our clients what they are owed. In those situations we have to file a lawsuit against the defendant and we might have to take that case to trial.

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