What is a defective product case and how is it a claim?

Dangerous or defective products are responsible for thousands of injuries across the United States every day. It’s unfortunate but the injuries can be devastating the families. When a manufacturer of a particular good, makes a product, puts it in a stream of calmers and this product is defective and it causes injury or death to somebody. The law affords you certain opportunities to bring a claim against the manufacturer of that product. So, in other words, if the manufacturer of a baby car seat, makes a defective car seat, you get into an accident and your child is injured or dies as a result of that defect, then obviously you would be able to bring a claim against the manufacturer. If you suspect that you’ve been injured as a result of the defective product, or you have a family member who’s perished as a result, give us a call, let us evaluate the claim, let us help make a determination as to whether or not you have a case.

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