Gov. Mark Cuomo supports police and fire unions’ call for benefits

New York Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo recently said he supports the police and fire unions currently advocating for an increase in benefits to workers in those positions who are injured while on the job, the San Antonio Express-News reported on May 14.

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association head Patrick Lynch noted that such an initiative is the city’s moral obligation to provide for the officers who are constantly at risk while performing their jobs to protect the city.

According to city officials, increasing the payout by removing the Social Security offset and calculating the benefit from a higher salary point would amount to city expenses of about $47 million through the fiscal year 2019.

However, the city would have to spend as much as $342 million over the same time period if it gives in to what the unions want – a return to 75% of their salaries plus Social Security benefits.

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