More than 10.1M given disability benefit payments in 2012

 In Social Security benefits

According to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), over 10.1 million people, 2.5% of whom were disabled widows or widowers, received disability benefits via the Social Security Disability Insurance program in 2012.

According to the SSA, the number of disabled workers started rising in 1990 with December 2012 records showing that there were 8.8 million disabled workers in the United States, 1 million of whom are disabled adults with children and 255,472 disabled widows and widowers. Workers made up a majority of those receiving disability benefits at 87.5%. .

Disabled worker benefits increase when the beneficiaries’ age increases. For instance, in December 2012, the largest percentage of disabled-worker beneficiaries were from ages 60 to 64 as disability benefits become retirement benefits when the worker reaches ages 65 to 67, considered to be full retirement age.

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