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When a product is released to consumers, manufacturers should be sure that the product is safe. Unfortunately, some products can malfunction and cause injuries to consumers. Among the most dangerous defective products are vehicles. When a vehicle malfunctions, a serious car accident could occur and cause critical injuries, or even death, to those involved.

Though not all accidents are preventable, car manufacturers should take extra care to ensure that the vehicles available to consumers are reliable and safe. The San Antonio car defect attorneys at the [firm-name] understand how severe car accidents, and the resulting injuries, can be, which is why we fight to hold negligent car manufacturers legally accountable.

Common Car Defects

While incidences of vehicular malfunction may occur due to a wide range of factors, the most commonly occurring car defects include:

Any of these defects could put drivers or passengers in danger of serious physical harm. When people are victimized by a malfunctioning vehicle, they could be forced to spend time off of work due to serious injuries. In addition to lost wages, expensive hospital bills could put serious financial strain on accident victims. An experienced personal injury attorney could help victims pursue the compensation that they need.

Contact a Car Defects Lawyer in San Antonio

The attorneys of [firm-name] fight for San Antonio drivers who have been injured in car accidents due to vehicle defects. If you have been the victim of such an accident you may be able to benefit from legal guidance. To discuss your legal options with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, call [phone-number] today.


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