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Airbags are an indispensable safety feature in vehicles. When an individual’s airbag fails to deploy or malfunctions in other ways during a car accident, their safety is greatly jeopardized. Airbag defects are the result of a misstep in the manufacturing or design process. If your or your loved one’s airbags failed to deploy in a recent car accident and thus caused further injury, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney.

At [firm-name], our San Antonio airbag defect lawyers are dedicated to helping victims of such accidents get the compensation they may deserve.

Types of Airbag Defects

There are several types of airbag defects that can be grounds for litigation against the party responsible for the defect, such as the following:

  • Airbag fails to deploy on time
  • Airbag inflator sends metal fragments flying to occupant
  • Airbag deploys too fast and too far
  • Airbag was not installed

The assistance of an experienced attorney is essential to a case like this. At [firm-name], our San Antonio airbag defect lawyers are committed to giving clients the legal representation they need after such a traumatic accident.

Contact a San Antonio Airbag Defect Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered unnecessary harm due to an airbag malfunction, the San Antonio airbag defect lawyers at [firm-name] are prepared to give you the legal advice you need and guide you through your case. Call our office in San Antonio today at [phone-number] to learn more.

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