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Performing surgery is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Not only is an understanding of the human anatomy necessary for surgery, but also extensive knowledge in the use of many intricate surgical tools. These tools are typically specific to surgery and require a great deal of training before they can be used for their intended purpose. Sadly, there are many instances of surgeons mishandling their trade tools, often leading to dire consequences.

The San Antonio mishandling of surgical equipment attorneys of the [firm-name] believe that highly paid surgeons deserve to be held liable any mishandling of surgical equipment. Patients have enough to worry about with their ailments; the last thing they should have to be concerned about is a blunder on the part of the surgeon. Our office is dedicated to helping people who have unknowingly placed their trust in the wrong doctor recover compensation for their sustained suffering.

Common Ways Surgical Equipment is Mishandled

There are many surgical tools on the market that are complex to use and have very limited functionality. Because of the very case specific use for some of these medical tools, doctors frequently have little actual hands-on experience with the equipment, which can lead to a higher likelihood of a surgical error occurring. Concurrently, due to the delicacy of surgical equipment, the margin of error for these tools is often very small. However, this still does not excuse a doctor who has mistakenly mishandled his or her trade tools. Some of the other most common ways surgical equipment is mishandled include:

  • Accidentally misplacing a surgical tool inside a patient
  • Use of incorrect cutting tools on specific materials
  • Improper cleaning of surgical equipment
  • Inappropriate transportation methods
  • Inconsistent handling of medical tools between doctors

Surgeries are a delicate procedure and the slightest mishandling of medical equipment can compromise the safety of the entire operation. Furthermore, miscommunicated information between surgeons and assistants can also drastically increase the likelihood of an accident. These are just a few of the infinite ways for a surgeon to mishandle surgical equipment and the operation.

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Doctors are one of the highest paid professions in the world and with that comes a high level of responsibility. Surgeons work with people in some of their most critical moments. If they further endanger a patient’s life, they need to be held liable. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a surgeon who has carelessly mishandled surgical equipment, you may be able to recover compensation for their negligence. The [firm-name] has extensive experience in a multitude of medical malpractice cases. We strive to use this experience to help those that suffer from the consequences of medical malpractice. Contact our offices today at [phone-number] to hear more about what we may be able to do for you.

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