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For individuals undergoing surgery, the process is often filled with anxiety. However, we should be able to trust that our doctor and other medical professionals will take care of us and perform the surgery to the highest quality. Far too often, unfortunately, this is not the case. One of the most terrifying incidents can be when a surgery is performed on the wrong patient, leading to a slew of avoidable medical problems.

At [firm-name], our San Antonio wrong patient surgery lawyers believe that the negligent medical professionals responsible for these kinds of injuries should be held accountable. Our lawyers are dedicated to getting victims the compensation they may be entitled to.

Wrong Patient Surgery Injuries

Injuries that can be caused by performing surgery on the wrong patient are numerous and often devastating. Some of the most common injuries that can occur include:

  • Patient not receiving surgery they initially needed
  • Patient undergoing unnecessary surgical procedures, along with their risks and possible complications
  • Extensive medical bills due to treatment after wrong patient surgery
  • Wrongful death

We rightfully put our trust in doctors and surgeons, but when they violate this trust by performing surgery on the wrong patient, the consequences can be life changing. The San Antonio wrong patient surgery lawyers at [firm-name] have the experience necessary to give you the legal advice you need and to take action against medical professionals who make careless mistakes.

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If you or a loved one suffered due to a negligent medical professional, contact the San Antonio wrong patient surgery attorneys at [firm-name] to begin building your case. Call our offices today at [phone-number] to learn more.

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