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There is nothing so frustrating as being involved in an accident, and more so when that accident was caused by the negligent actions of a driver. One of the most commonly heard phrases, when one is beginning to learn how to drive, is that driving is a privilege, not a right. Our attorneys at the [firm-name] understand this better than most and work to fight for those who have been injured or hurt by the negligence of others on the road. The responsibilities of every driver to themselves and others on the road are many, and should not be ignored or taken lightly.

The rules of the road are there to be followed for the safety of all, not just to collect money from speeding or parking tickets. When these rules are broken, ignored, or forgotten, many peoples’ lives, health, and well-being are put at odds. Breaking traffic laws can lead to accidents of many varieties, costing people money, time, or even their health. We all almost certainly have been or know someone who has been involved in a road accident of some sort due to negligence, and rarely is the outcome a net positive for everyone involved. When motorcycles are involved, these risks become increasingly clear. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s mistake, contact one of our motorcycle crash lawyers at [phone-number] to discuss your case and begin to take the steps toward compensation.

Why Hire The [firm-name]?

We at the [firm-name] understand the pains of these sorts of accidents and fight to secure compensation for clients who have suffered from the negligence of others. The legal process for secure compensation or benefits for injury is often long, difficult, and convoluted. Most people who attempt to go up against those responsible on their own find themselves getting much less than they need to cover their expenses from injury. Representation can help you expedite this process and make receiving the compensation you need much easier. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with driver error cases, and have represented many clients over the years and helped them secure the compensation they need.

Causes of Driver Error

There are too many ways in which motorists can put each other in danger on the road. With all the traffic laws and a basic requirement of care, ignoring any one of these things can lead to a catastrophic accident or injury. Some examples of negligent or reckless driving may include the following:

  • Failing to obey traffic lights: Drivers who fail to heed traffic signals put those who do at a serious risk. Those who run a red light, take too long to notice and get moving on a green light, or get overly ambitious in beating a yellow light are putting themselves and others at a serious risk of a high-speed accident.
  • Failing to stop at a stop sign: Stop signs are an integral part of how we navigate our roads, and when they’re not respected by either not stopping at all or not stopping enough, drivers’ safety is often jeopardized simply to save a few seconds of driving.
  • Failing to yield at a yield sign: Yield signs remind us to proceed with caution, as there is a tendency for drivers in that particular situation to be taken by surprise. When these signs are ignored, the very traffic incident the yield sign was there to alert often happens when it could have easily been avoided.
  • Falling asleep or not paying attention: The road demands everyone’s attention, be it a driver or a pedestrian. When this attention is lost, be it for falling asleep, talking, or listening to music, everyone on the roadway is put at an unnecessary risk.
  • Texting while driving: Texting while driving is a serious offense on the road. It’s willingly distracting from the road, purposely risking oneself and others’ safety. Texting while driving is against the law in most states and an awful excuse for an accident.
  • Recklessly speeding: Speeding on roadways is a commonly faced issue that is very threatening to everyone’s safety. Those who speed risk an accident which more often than not involves catastrophic injury or even fatalities. Those who are victims of reckless speeding from another party deserve compensation for the serious injuries they may have faced and the trouble it may lead to in the future.
  • Weaving through traffic: Weaving through traffic is often seen on highways when a driver will maneuver through multiple vehicles by speeding up and quickly switching lanes into empty spaces to advance quickly through moderate traffic. This is dangerous for everyone, as it’s a high-speed accident waiting to happen—one that risks not only those involved in the initial collision but a pileup that could back up traffic for hours and risk the health and wellbeing of many people nearby. Motorcycles may be harder for people weaving through traffic to see, turning this risky behavior all the more perilous.
  • Failing to obey right-of-way laws: It’s imperative drivers on the road are aware of and respectful of right-of-way laws, as they help direct traffic in situations where a sign or light are not present. Those who neglect to pay attention to or obey right-of-way laws are risking hurting the majority of drivers who do follow the standard.
  • Driving too slowly: Seemingly safer and better than speeding, driving too slowly puts other drivers at risk, especially in areas where slightly faster speeds are the norm. Driving too slowly holds up traffic, and catches many drivers by surprise. In many places, driving too slowly is a ticketable offense just as driving too quickly is, because it’s a safety hazard all the same.

Driver errors may oftentimes seem like benign mistakes, but when they actually cause an accident, the results can be devastating. Driver mistakes pose a serious threat to motorcyclists, who can be left with life-altering injuries after accidents due to driver error. This can leave riders with hefty medical bills, bike repair bills, and even leave them unable to work.

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