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Even the most careful motorcyclist can get into a serious, life-threatening accident because of a defect on the roadway. Whether it’s a sudden pothole, water pooling, or uneven pavement, motorcycles are more susceptible to these dangerous defects than standard automobiles. Not only are motorcycles more susceptible, the injuries caused by a motorcycle accident can be more severe.

If roads are not properly maintained and motorcyclists are not put on notice of hazardous areas, serious accidents are unavoidable. Some party, whether it is a government entity or some other maintenance company, is responsible for taking proper care of the roadway. When they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for injuries caused by the highway defect.

If you or a loved one was injured because of a defect in the roadway while operating a motorcycle, please contact the San Antonio motorcycle roadway defect attorneys at [firm-name] today. We will fight for you and get you the recovery you deserve from the responsible parties. For unmatched experience and skill when it comes to roadway defects that cause motorcycle accidents, call us at [phone-number].

Do I Need an Attorney?

Because motorcycle accidents are often so severe, the extensive medical bills can pile up quickly. Dealing with the parties responsible for maintaining the highway will add to the stress. These parties will try to force you into an early, unfair settlement. This settlement offer is simply unjust, unreasonable, and should not be accepted at any cost. You need a skilled motorcycle roadway defect attorney on your side to negotiate with the powerful parties to ensure you get the money you need to recover.

In addition to the difficulties in recovering and dealing with the responsible parties, roadway defect lawsuits are hard to present in a court of law. Essentially, to recover for your injuries, you may have to show that there was some defect in the road, that the defect should have been taken care of by the responsible parties, and that the defect caused your injuries. Often, the responsible parties will deny these elements were present and try to point the finger at you. This is simply unfair, especially considering you are vulnerable as you recover from your injuries.

To help present your motorcycle roadway defect case, and to effectively deal with the responsible parties who should be held at fault, you need the skill and experience of the San Antonio motorcycle roadway defects attorneys of [firm-name] your side. Do not hesitate to contact us at [phone-number] so you can get the recovery you deserve.

Why Choose [firm-name]?

At [firm-name], we have been helping individuals in San Antonio and the South Texas area deal with their personal injuries for years. We have the qualifications you need in order to have a successful motorcycle roadway defect case. With our help, we will get you the recovery you deserve for the injuries you sustained because of the roadway defect.

We are proud of the quality of work we have provided for injured motorcyclists over the years. Our great reputation has been acquired because of the passion we give everyone’s case. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident because of some roadway defect, please call the San Antonio roadway defect attorneys at [phone-number] today so you can get just compensation.

Roadway Defects Cause Motorcycle Accidents

The roadways can be defective in a wide variety of ways. Sadly, these defects have much more impact on motorcycles because of their size and lack of stability compared to standard automobiles. At [firm-name], we have seen the following types of roadway defects cause a motorcycle accident:

  • Objects on the Roadway: Trees, posts, fences, or other types of debris can create an obstacle on the highway for drivers. Unfortunately, motorcyclists often do not have the time or control necessary to avoid these obstructions. The result is a serious accident that could have been avoided had the highway been properly maintained.
  • Potholes: While potholes can cause those in passenger automobiles brief discomfort, these roadway defects can cause serious injuries to motorcyclists. If a motorcycle’s front tire enters a pothole, there is a chance that the wheel itself may break and the motorcycle will lose control.
  • Uneven Roadways: Bumps in the roadways can be very troubling for motorcyclists. A bump can cause a jolt in the front suspension which can damage the wheel. The main problem with bumps is that they are less likely to be fixed than potholes. Additionally, bumps are often more difficult to spot. This does not excuse the party responsible for maintaining the highway, however.

These are among the more common types of roadway defects we have seen at [firm-name]. Unfortunately, there are many more.

Which Party is Responsible for a Roadway Defect?

We expect our roads to be maintained in a proper, safe manner. Often, the party responsible for a roadway defect will try to point the finger at some other party. At [firm-name], we have seen the following types of parties responsible for highway defects that led to motorcycle accidents:

  • Government agencies
  • Counties, towns, or municipalities
  • Maintenance companies
  • Construction companies

Regardless of who the liable party is, whoever was responsible for taking care of a roadway obstruction should pay for your injuries. Often, these parties fail to consider the interest of motorcyclists, even though motorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular method of transportation and recreation. If you were injured because of a highway defect while riding your motorcycle, call the attorneys of [firm-name] today at [phone-number], and we will get you just compensation from the responsible party.

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At [firm-name], we have the experience and skill you need on your side for your motorcycle roadway defect case. The parties responsible for taking care of the roadway should pay for the injuries that you sustained as a result of a defective roadway while you were riding your motorcycle. If you want the compensation you deserve, please call our San Antonio motorcycle accident attorneys at [phone-number], and we will make sure that the party responsible for the roadway defect is held accountable.

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