Truck Defect and Malfunction Accidents

Truck Defect and Malfunction Accidents

Large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers pose an inherent threat to drivers around them; the sheer size of large trucks dramatically dwarf any the vehicles around them. Truck drivers are extensively trained according to regulated guidelines so that they are well-prepared to handle their vehicles under most circumstances. However, when a part becomes defective or a system malfunctions, a truck driver may immediately lose control of his or her vehicle since there is often so little time to react.

The Most Common Defects and Malfunctions For Trucks

While any defective part or malfunctioning system on a large truck might precipitate an accident, a single defect and a single malfunction most typically result in truck accidents:

  • Tire Defect
  • Brake Malfunction

A tire defect may cause a tire to blow-out suddenly and therefore cause a driver to lose control of their rig. Should the brake system fail, truck drivers will be left without a way to slow their speed; in this situation, the momentum of a large truck or 18-wheeler can have a devastating effect upon the severity of an accident and the injuries sustained in those accidents. Of course, there are many other defects that may become the underlying cause of a truck accident. Discuss your specific situation with a San Antonio attorney who can guide you through your legal options for recourse.

Consult a San Antonio Truck Defect and Malfunction Lawyer

At Chris Mayo Law Firm, our San Antonio truck defect and malfunction lawyers will aggressively pursue financial restitution from any manufacturer that poorly constructed or engineered a system that contributed to your accident and subsequent injury. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our San Antonio lawyers, please call our offices at (210) 999-9999 today.

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